N A M A S T E ! 





I'm Kathy ...

I love teaching  and

am committed toYoga !

Putting these 2 passions

together is amazing for me!


I've been practicing Yoga

most of my adult life . . .

in Calgary, Mexico, Australia,

India, Qualicum Beach.

I have taken Yoga to a

new level . . .

I am delighted to be sharing

my knowledge of Yoga

with you.


My experience

is varied -


-a two-week Yoga-based trip 

 to India in 2007

-various workshops

 including ...

 Hatha, Ashtanga,

 Dru yoga,

 Restorative postures,

 meditation & breath work

-I've studied techniques

 that support ...

 core strengthening,

 flow yoga,

 Yin yoga,

 Hatha gentle stretch,

 restorative postures,

 chair yoga,


 Ayurvedic cleansing practices


Since  year 2000,

I have become . . . . . 

more focused


Initially, I studied and

worked with a

local teacher to intensify

my  personal practice.  

I began my teacher training

in Oceanside.

I increased my knowledge

of Yoga teaching

and formalized my training at


Saltspring Island

Yoga Centre


This prepared the way for 

Jaya studio in Qualicum Beach


 . . . and now I continue to learn

from all of you . . .


-whatever your experience . . .

-whatever you wish

                     to accomplish . . .

 . . . we all learn together


I look forward

to each new Yoga experience

sharing my knowledge

with you

as you share with me!



Yoga is an ancient art and science that brings health and well-being to your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga accomplishes this through a practice of movements, held postures, breathing exercises and mental focus.

People who practice yoga say that they feel more relaxed, accomplish more with less  stress and feel in touch with their inner being, their sense of authentic self.


I have experienced

much of this!

         Kathy 250-594-0285