Morning classes:

Tuesday    Wednesday  Thursday


Evening Classes:

         Wednesday   5:30      Thursday   4:30

Classes are 75 minutes

*Please phone before attending classes



Class format varies ...

You may experience .....


- gentle stretching

    - chair work
    - strengthening poses
    - balance work
    - core focus
    - flow sequences:
    Vinyasa, Sun Salutation
    - restorative postures



Contact information


Phone Kathy



5-class card  $65.00

10-class card  $120.00

Drop-ins - $14.00 per class

Free first class ever for local residents!


**Also offered:

   -Private sessions

  at Jaya Studio


Remember ...

-Yoga works the entire body

-The practice oxygenates the blood,

creating more energy

when you finish the exercise

-Yoga will push

your personal boundaries

by increasing your own


endurance & muscle strength