Come Join me 

in my home!

Using all of Yoga's gifts,

that the wise men

of the Himalayan caves

gave to the world,

this is how we can

grow old and stay centered

with ease, with gracefulness.

Small groups or

Private classes —

Your choice


your balance


your strength & flexibility

All levels of Yoga


depending on your needs

               Classes are 75 minutes

                         Groups are small

YOGA ..... helps

in so many ways

I Hiked the TMB,

Walked the

Camino de Santiago

Yoga keeps me ...

and you


You can achieve ...

whatever YOU put

your mind to do

At Jaya Yoga

The choice is yours ...

Gentle Stretch,


Yoga class


Private Lessons help you get started

Yoga with Kathy

is tailored to your needs

Remember ...YOGA helps ...

- prevent falls because we work on balance

- it helps reduce your stress through mindfulness and breath work

- you can learn to control your weight better ... meditation is fundamental to relaxation, to controlling eating patterns

- your cholesterol and blood pressure may improve through meditation, breath and exercise

"Yoga is vigilance,

awareness, and stillness of mind.

Yoga frees you

from the drama,

the tragedy,the saga

your mind creates

and allows you

to experience

your true self

Patanjali the Shaman

It's a fun way

to meet new people &

to get to know yourself

inside out.

There is always

a little bit

of each yoga practice

that you can take

home with you.

Come join us!


Jaya Studio, 420 Trio Lane, Q.B.

Phone 250-594-0285

Locals are invited  to

Try out a class

Your first yoga class is

free of charge

Qualicum Beach

Home Studio!


Kathy Murphy

Certified Yoga Instructor

B.A. & B.Ed.

Yoga practitioner for years


 Jaya Studio

420 Trio Lane

Qualicum Beach

Phone 250-594-0285 cell